Realize your dream!

Home Ownership can be your NEW reality!

Taking these steps will help you narrow your focus on your needs, wants & desires. It will reduce your stress levels & help to ensure that you are choosing the right property for your personal situation.

    • Make a detailed list of your needs, wants, and desires.
    • Identify, what your needs & must haves are for your new home.

    • Figure out what you are and are not willing to compromise on, and what the deal breakers are for you.

    • Determine what YOU are comfortable paying in terms of a monthly mortgage payment.

Get pre-qualified and use a LOCAL LENDER!

Make an appointment to meet face-to-face with YOUR banker or a local mortgage broker to get a pre-approval letter before you find that perfect property! Internet companies DO NOT KNOW the local real estate market like the local mortgage lenders do. nor do they consider personal situations.

    • Get your financial paperwork in order. ALL lenders need the following information to pre-qualify you for a home mortgage loan:

      • A completed loan application and financial statement.

      • Your birthdate & social security number so that a lender can complete a credit check.

      • Copies of the past 2 years of your income tax returns and/or 1099 statements if your taxes have not been completed for the previous year.

      • Your employment history for the past 2-5 years

      • Your last two pay stubs

NOTE: A buyer’s down payment funds must be deposited & held in an established bank account which can be verified where the funds came from. In the mortgage lender’s world, Buyer’s may not bring cold, hard cash to the closing table. Your funds must come from an established bank account or investment fund or retirement account, where the money can be traced to the source of origin.

DO NOT limit your home search to just the internet!

  • Get a true feeling for the area you are considering.

  • Go out and actually drive through the different subdivisions, townhomes or condo complexes you are interested in to get a feel for the area.

  • Walk through the surrounding streets in the neighborhood you are considering. Talk to the neighbors and people you meet . . .

  • Make notes and take pictures of what you like and what you don’t like in the surrounding areas.

Choose YOUR realtor carefully!

Not all realtors are equal. First and foremost, find the right broker whom you feel comfortable with and who has your best interests front and center. Always verify that they are who they say they are!

NEVER assume anything!

Whether you are a first time buyer, or a current homeowner, do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification from your lender, real estate agent, accountant or legal advisor. Keep in mind that most people will typically only buy a home once or twice in their lifetime. It is usually the biggest purchase and financial decision you will ever make! Get the FACTS and always ASK! Lending is complicated and you should understand each and every detail of any and all transactions.