Sellers Staging & Showing TIPS:

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Market data shows that a professionally staged home interior will typically sell sooner and sell at a higher price than a property that has not been staged. Get a third party opinion on how best to stage your home for sale.

FURNISHINGS: LESS is MORE! Add some fresh color to your rooms!


De-clutter each & every room! Take down & box up family pictures, surplus dishes, collectible art collections and store in the garage or out of sight.

Less is More!

Remove surplus furnishings from every room of the house. This will make rooms appear larger & allow Buyers to visualize their furnishing in place.


Add new and colorful throws and pillows on the couch & beds! Layout NEW & colorful towels and floor mats in each bathroom!

Fresh & Green!

Add living plants and potted flowers to the living spaces. Today’s buyers aren’t in tune with older dried or silk floral arrangements or wall hangings.

Wall Art:

Add generic & beautiful nature pictures or abstract canvas wall art.

Back to Basics

Add a new wall mirror or coat hanger if needed.

Window Coverings:

Remove all outdated or damaged window coverings & valances, drapes and shades from the premises. Bare windows are better than damaged window coverings.

Let the sun shine in!

Open up all window coverings and shed some natural light on all interior spaces.

You only have one chance to make a first impression!

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