Seller’s TIPS: What all Buyers are Looking for:

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Today’s Buyers want move-in ready condition. Taking time to address deferred maintenance issues and preparing your house for sale before it goes on the market is not only beneficial to you; it will showcase your home and attract more buyer’s when your listing is active.

Move in Ready & Turnkey Condition!

FLOORING SURFACES: Buyers want clean, modern, and stylish!

  • Flooring should tie the home together and flow seamlessly from one room to another. Consider replacing old & dated carpeting, tile or vinyl flooring with the latest trends: wood flooring & tile surfaces & the new waterproof, pet proof and stain free carpeting in updated styles & colors.

  • Always have your carpets professionally cleaned and re-stretched if needed before your listing goes active.

KITCHENS: Updated kitchens, slab countertops & stainless, energy efficient appliances are at the top of all buyer’s minds! Many buyers may make one of their final decisions based on the condition of the kitchen!

  • NEW APPLIANCES: Stainless and energy efficient appliances are the norm in today’s market & adds value to your property. If your kitchen appliances are old and dated, or damaged in any way, replace them with new & energy efficient appliances. You will reduce your utility costs & you may also qualify to receive tax savings & energy rebates from local utility providers or town governments by installing energy efficient appliances.

  • Make sure all kitchen appliances, fixtures & window glass are sparkling clean, inside and out! And don’t forget to clean the cabinetry, drawers & the oven!

  • Replace any garbage disposal that sounds like it’s going to take off!

  • If your kitchen needs a facelift, seriously consider updating cabinets, drawers and counter tops along with new plumbing fixtures. It will be the best money you spend and will generate additional value and buyer appeal to your property.

BATHROOMS: “Buyers want their bathrooms to be user friendly and spotless!”

“New toilets, tubs and cabinetry can be a big investment, but small details like cleaning or replacing tile grout, re-caulking and repainting can make old bathrooms sparkle.”

  • Pay attention to chipped or cracked sinks & tubs! Damaged sinks and cracked tubs can be deal breakers!

  • Pay particular attention to hard water mineral deposits on plumbing fixtures, faucets, tubs, shower glass and all tile surfaces & grout lines! Soak in white vinegar overnight and you will find hard mineral deposits easy to remove.

  • Replace your old shower heads with water saving shower heads.

  • Ensure that toilets flush properly and that they are not running or leaking.

  • Replace dripping faucets. It is usually cheaper to replace a faucet than to try and fix it, and anything NEW appeals to all buyers!

  • Clean all exhaust fans and replace any fan that doesn’t work or that needs to be repaired.

  • Replace all smoke alarms and CO2 detectors that are 5-7 years or older, and replace all batteries and air filters present in your home before your listing goes under contract!

LIGHT FIXTURES: NEW Light Fixtures are an inexpensive way to update a home!

  • Replace burned out light bulbs, & make sure all light bulbs are the same color of light throughout the house.

  • Install GFI outlets near all water sources. Be sure to replace any cracked or missing electrical outlet covers.


The very best thing a seller can do is have YOUR home professionally cleaned, and then, Keep it Clean for all showings!