Exterior SELLER’S TIPS for Making the BEST First Impression:

In today’s competitive real estate markets, agents typically tell their seller’s that it’s all about Price, Location, & the Condition of your property! So in addition to being the best priced home on the block, you need to be sure that your home delivers a knock out first impression.

Presenting your home in “turn-key” condition is absolutely the best way to position your home to attract the maximum number of buyers. Pay attention to the details! Examine your home from top to bottom, inside and out, and take care of the deferred maintenance issues before YOUR home’s listing is active in the local MLS!

Exterior Tips:

Siding & Exterior Paint:

  • Paint the exterior and modernize the appearance. Painting is one of the very best & least expensive ways to make a best first impression.
  • Select your colors carefully and be sure to use colors that will appeal to the largest numbers of buyers. A professional paint job can make a world of difference from a buyer’s perspective!

  • Don’t forget the front door and door trim! Replace an old and weathered front door with a new door or completely refinish your front door by stripping, sanding and applying new paint or stain.

  • Don’t forget the Garage Door and Opener: mal-functioning garage doors are deal breakers! Fix or replace old garage doors and install new openers that are now whisper quiet! Choose a pre-finished door color that complements your exterior paint!


Power washing and restaining all wooden fencing shows a buyer that your home has been carefully maintained while you have owned the home. Old, dilapidated fencing doesn’t appeal to today’s buyer, so be sure not to ignore your fencing and always replace any fence posts, pickets and fence walls that look like they will topple over if someone touches it!

Roofing Components & Surfaces:

Have a professional roofer inspect your roof for missing and loose shingles and potential water leaks. Double check to ensure that the roof flashing is installed properly & if the caulking seals around vent pipes need to be replaced.

NOTE: “In today’s market, it is difficult to find homeowner’s insurance without a roof in good condition or for homes that have roofing issues. Most buyers typically will not want to have to deal with roofing and gutter issues & repairs.”

Gutters & Downspouts:

  • Clean Your Gutters! Make sure the gutters are clear from leaves and debris and ensure that they properly channel rain & snow runoff down the downspout and away from the house foundation.

  • If your gutters & downspouts are old and damaged & not draining properly, repair or replace them before your home goes on the market . Doing so will definitely eliminate an inspection issue.

Windows & Doors:

  • Let the sun shine in! Hire a professional window cleaner to clean all windows inside and out! Dirty windows detract from your home’s appearance.

  • Replacing old windows and doors with energy efficient and stylish alternatives could easily draw in buyers who may otherwise pass on your home only because it is older than its competitors.

  • Replace window glass that has vapor barrier issues and moisture condensation between windowpanes. If your window frames are intact, a local glass company can easily replace window glass and it won’t be nearly as expensive as replacing an entire window unit!

  • Remove all outdated or damaged window valances, drapes and shades from the premises unless they are updated and in excellent condition. Keep all window coverings open during any showing to allow buyers to see the natural lighting throughout the house.

Landscaping & Lighting:

  • Installing new sod, bark, rock, shrubbery and trees can do wonders to transform a tired looking front yard into an inviting space!

  • Consider how your home looks after dark when many buyers are cruising the neighborhoods after work hours. Exterior lighting can enhance both the homes ambiance at night and modernize the exterior during daylight hours simply by installing new exterior lighting fixtures.

  • When in doubt about your property’s exterior curb appeal, carefully review other homes that are actually selling in your area, helping you to compare the condition of your home to other properties down the street.

Ask yourself: If you were in the buyer’s position, would you buy YOUR home in its current condition?